Wednesday, July 4, 2012


i have been meaning to post my thesis on the blog 
for quite some time now -
here are the details - I designed a 300,000 sq/ft recreational facility/medical center/sleep-away camp.  The camp is for children who are faced with life threatening and chronic illnesses, Many of these children would not have the opportunity to have a camping experience due to their illness.  Inspired by Paul Newman and "Hole in the Wall Camps," - Big Apple Camp seeks to reach beyond illness, to inspire children with life-threatening diseases to become their greater selves. The mission to provide a year-round, life-changing environment for these children and their families - one that allows children to participate in an authentic camp experience by supporting their medical needs, and offers their families care, education, and respite.  In my design I leveraged biophilic and green design principles across the urban center to promote sustainability and a healthy environment for the children.
 the location i chose was Pier 57 at W. 15th St
 floor plans can be seen larger over at architizer
the complex housed offices, 2 basketball courts, a preforming arts center, inside and outside dining, kitchen classrooms, a biology/discovery area with boating and fishing, an ropes course, a movie theater, bowling alley, pet therapy, arts and crafts classrooms with an a gallery, a library, a medical center w dr offices, exam rooms, labs, cabins w lounges, outside sleeping under the stars, an olympic sized swimming pool, lazy river, volleyball courts, softball, tennis, yoga, and a mini golf course -
you know all the normal camp stuff
oh and a waterfall that recycled and purified the existing water from the hudson 
grass plywood and lots of natural light upon entering
beach ball lighting
typical mess hall
a lil jonathan adler inspired lounge
outdoor corridor w views of empire state building
color coded way-finding
the cabins
the restrooms
outdoor sleeping
the warming room for children with rare blood diseases
just your average miami style pool at camp
 materials/finishes and furniture
what is this a house for ants?!?

kinda nice after all this time (10 months) to reflect and look back on this project - it was a lot of fun!! the critics had great feedback and everyone at hole in the wall (who helped with my research) loved it as well

umm and total cost to build $564,783,567,381 BILLION

more images here
and great vid here

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