Saturday, March 31, 2012

hong kong

have quite the layover - awesome bungalows, the blue dining table with that two-tone base and wallpaper!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


and i'm off to thailand!!
for updates check out my lil sis blog -

neon love

lucha libre

 creme design does some amazing restaurants!!
 totally didn't surprise me when i saw Rayuela and Red Farm (my FAVS!) as some of their projects.  AND they do graphics!!

bellow is  distrito in philly - so fun
love the lucha libre mask wall!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star...

"Success walks hand in hand with failure -
along Hollywood Boulevard"
- the Kinks 
(my dad left me a 5 minute voice-mail singing this)

umm thanks dad... i think?

so today i had my on-camera interview for a new interior design show on HGTV - 
it's funny one of the questions for my hgtv questionnaire is what stresses you out - and i am usually not one to get stressed but one of the requirements they needed really got me. 
I had to bring an object with me that showcases your design style.  it could be anything but should represent you as a designer.  And I had to be prepared to discuss the object and why I chose it.


I could have easily brought 4638756 and I did bring more then one - just in case.  But on my way I stopped by the flower district and picked a lil something up. 

Yeah soo it's a box with grass...

I went off on a tangent about nature & grass.
How it was living and how I want to bring life to spaces, and incorporating nature in all aspects of design.  I talked about nature as inspiration and deriving colors and textures, I think even talked about kids playing in the grass and how you have to make design fun.

 So basically I kinda re-play it in my mind as looking a lil like this -
total blackout

My box of grass is now sitting on the coffee table and it looks quite lovely...

that's it.  i think i am going to thailand tomorrow and had a mini freak-out before looking for my passport.  i am not packed but i never fully unpacked from panama - so that makes things easier. oh and i also have to finish my taxes bc i don't come back til the 16th.  oppfff.  

we took fun pics today too 
fingers crossed hgtv


lovemusthavewantmake these...
by twoems. 
 Neon + Neutral 
 Christopher Wool 
 Rorschach Andy Warhol 
 design by hannes beer

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

large prints

at the architectural digest home design show i saw an amazing vendor the ross art group which specializes in original fine art and framing - here are some of there large prints.  

 46.5” x 67” 

 47” x 65”

i look forward to using them in future projects!!


i can't stop thinking about THIS

"I am asked frequently… where does my inspiration come from? It comes from absolutely everywhere! On a recent trip to my favorite local hardware store, I was so inspired by the beauty of these construction accoutrements. The ideas streaming through my mind were endless!"
-Kelly Wearstler

I think it is SO true when it comes to design - I feel like I can literally find inspiration everywhere.  The fact that she posted these pics from a hardware store and has beautiful items like this and this makes me love her so much more!!
and some more kelly wearstler
residental work
commercial work bellow
the tides - south beach 
viceroy - santa monica

Monday, March 26, 2012

architectural digest home design show

awesome lucite chairs and dining table from koo de monde

great bddw prints

my bffl liz at kenneth cobonpue
even though we couldn't figure out how to open it! :/
i literally flipped when i saw THIS - PLYWOOD CERAMIC TILE!!
via wayne tile
koket love happens - great glam pieces

the new traditionalists had a bunch of great pieces - loved this metallic chair above and bedroom pieces bellow

beautiful reclaimed wood dining table - 
you must check out there site the future perfect

ross art group which specializes in 
large scale original fine art and framing
 love this print!!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

diffa's dining by design con't...

 architectural digest table  
the chairs are from restoration hardware and the tablecloth is marais fabric by suzanne kasler for lee jofa
glassware is from ABC carpet & home and flatware is from design within reach
 there is a lot going on here but - marimekko always makes me happy

 merchandise mart properties table above and below designed by designlush
love 14k slinky name holders but hate the big bulky cards they placed in them...
 above ethan allen - i love colors and fresh flowers!!
 resource furniture - everyone went nuts for the video wall

 ddc above - love plates all messy in big vase
 perfect fabrics, patterns, feather and gold silverware
 jesGordon properFun

 ralph lauren - great fabrics