Wednesday, March 28, 2012

everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star...

"Success walks hand in hand with failure -
along Hollywood Boulevard"
- the Kinks 
(my dad left me a 5 minute voice-mail singing this)

umm thanks dad... i think?

so today i had my on-camera interview for a new interior design show on HGTV - 
it's funny one of the questions for my hgtv questionnaire is what stresses you out - and i am usually not one to get stressed but one of the requirements they needed really got me. 
I had to bring an object with me that showcases your design style.  it could be anything but should represent you as a designer.  And I had to be prepared to discuss the object and why I chose it.


I could have easily brought 4638756 and I did bring more then one - just in case.  But on my way I stopped by the flower district and picked a lil something up. 

Yeah soo it's a box with grass...

I went off on a tangent about nature & grass.
How it was living and how I want to bring life to spaces, and incorporating nature in all aspects of design.  I talked about nature as inspiration and deriving colors and textures, I think even talked about kids playing in the grass and how you have to make design fun.

 So basically I kinda re-play it in my mind as looking a lil like this -
total blackout

My box of grass is now sitting on the coffee table and it looks quite lovely...

that's it.  i think i am going to thailand tomorrow and had a mini freak-out before looking for my passport.  i am not packed but i never fully unpacked from panama - so that makes things easier. oh and i also have to finish my taxes bc i don't come back til the 16th.  oppfff.  

we took fun pics today too 
fingers crossed hgtv

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  1. I'm sure you were great! Should've worn all sequins:)